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5 Creative Ways to Attract New Talent in 2023

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When it comes to recruiting top talent in 2023, we must recognize that traditional recruitment approaches may not be as effective in attracting people during their job hunt.

Talent is winning the war for talent. Employers may feel baffled, desperate, and confused. The typical recruiting playbook has seen better days. Putting a few pinball tables and offering "bring your puppy to work" days will not suffice to attract talent. Even signing bonuses are insufficient.

Workers, particularly young ones, cannot be bought. They don't respond well to fake concepts. What employees truly desire is to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Attracting them to your workplace will necessitate fresh and attractive tricks. These methods lead the recruitment manager on the right path for finding and hiring qualified candidates. 

So, how can companies or hiring managers deal with this issue? Here are some creative approaches to attracting new talent in 2023.

1. Provide Workplace Flexibility

First and foremost, recruiters must realize how the future workforce seeks occupations that allow them to focus on their personal lives. Remote working has numerous benefits for both employees and employers.

Companies had to adopt this new method during COVID to keep their systems running while also shielding their employees from the pandemic. However, when companies asked existing employees to return to the office, they found themselves in a tough situation.

Some reports say 9 out of 10 workers want remote working to stay. As a result, having a remote working policy is critical for hiring managers.

While maintaining a strong reputation and a great working environment/culture is still important, top talent is constantly exploring something different in their new workplace: remote working. Remote recruiting can benefit recruitment teams in a variety of ways, including:

  • It will reduce geographical boundaries.
  • HR managers will have a big pool of talent from which to hire individuals with the required abilities.
  • Remote working makes it much easier to help attract talent on a lower salary.
  • Overall, remote working will enhance business productivity while decreasing costs and other expenses.

2. Make Your Application Procedure More Efficient

When candidates have options, they are less tolerant of lengthy application processes that consume a large portion of their time. Consider whether each step of your hiring process is required, and eliminate everything that isn't. 

You might also look into ways to automate the procedure to save time. Instead of having candidates fill out forms manually, you might employ software that automatically pulls data from a candidate's resume for your systems. Even minor enhancements like this might have a major impact on the application rate.

3. Make Use of Online Job Fairs and Events

Employers are developing immersive environments in which candidates compete for opportunities. Employers may examine candidates' performance before hiring them by participating in hackathons and other online competitions. Candidates, on the other hand, can learn about a company's culture before joining it.

For example, in Lego's "Brick Factor," 100 competitors compete in a construction challenge, with the winner hired as a Master Model Builder. To recruit a new head chef, MGM Grand held a cooking contest with its internal candidates.

4. Request Employee Referrals

Your employees understand what makes working for your firm so enjoyable. Why not ask them if they know someone else who would be a good fit? Consider offering a referral bonus for a successful employee to sweeten the offer.

Also, ask employees if they have any links from previous firms who can assist with your recruitment efforts, such as a prior university connection.

5. Increase the Pay Scale

Last but not least, rising inflation combined with other variables can cause recruitment managers to reconsider the pay rate they are giving. Big retail businesses are now paying higher earnings per hour than before the pandemic.

However, this is not restricted to the retail industry, since potential job candidates in every other area are not requesting a larger salary. Furthermore, as the internet shifts customers toward online purchases, businesses are expanding automation in their operations.

As a result, if you want to hire the ideal people with the ability to adapt to rapid changes due to technological improvements, you might consider upgrading your wage and benefits package. 

Also, if your competitors do not allow work from home, you can offer the candidate the choice of remote working because they are more likely to choose your company with the same income.

Start Attracting New Talent Today

The changing workforce dynamics, as a result of the pandemic and other circumstances, make it critical for recruiting managers to create innovative ways to attract talent. Employers in every field are feeling the heat due to technological developments in their business operations.

This is why recruiters are looking for the best talent with the necessary abilities to deal with the new changes in their sector. With a lack of talent, you must use the methods outlined above to identify the best employees for your firm.

Feel free to contact us to discover more about how to attract top talent and keep the best prospects engaged in the long run!


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