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Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

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Are you in search of a website builder to create an efficient website for your business? Read this article to find your desired website builder.

Website builders are designed to build a website without coding efforts and technical hassles. You don't even need to hire a human website builder to create your website if you use these automated website builders. These website builders have multiple website templates, designs, and drag-and-drop features. These features help small businessmen build websites for their businesses without employing any designers or developers.

These builders offer easy user interfaces to avoid any difficulty for people with low technical knowledge. With website builders users can choose suitable designs from available templates for their website according to their business type.

There are multiple tools available online that help with website building. However, choosing the best tool that is suitable for your business type is important. Read this article to explore the features of some website builders and decide which is according to your needs.

Why Do You Need a Website Builder?

In this digital world, advertising your business online plays a key role in attracting customers and your business website helps you achieve that goal. The online appearance of your business not only helps to communicate with customers but also ensures increased reliability and integration. 

On a website, the business owner can advertise all his products with categories and prices to facilitate sales. A good representation of the products has a direct influence on sales and only a quality website can represent your business perfectly. To build an effective website you need a website builder so let's explore what a website builder is!

Easy-to-Use Website Builders to Create a Small Business Website

Now everyone wants to do more technical tasks in a limited amount of time, especially when it comes to online small businesses. This is where the importance of a website builder cannot be denied. 

Small businessmen who just started their business usually have limited resources. Website builders are helpful for them to spread their business without spending a lot of money to hire professional developers and designers. A user-friendly website builder interface allows them to design and manage their website easily. 

Let us discuss some easy-to-use website builders;


Wix is one of the most trusted website builders because it provides an easy-to-use user interface (UI) without any coding hassles or bug worries. People who are new to website building can use Wix to easily design their website.

  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Wix offers drag-and-drop functionality that is helpful for beginners. You do not need any coding expertise to create and manage your website with WIX. Instead, you just need to drag your desired option and drop it on the appropriate part of the page.

  • Multiple Templates 

Another feature Wix offers to its customers is a range of multiple templates that can be customized. That is why the person working with Wixr does not need any designer to help him choose the color scheme and design. Rather, the website builder itself suggests the desired color scheme according to the business type and trends to pick easily. 

The user does not need to visit the competitor's site to search for suitable hues as this web builder suggests competitive designs itself.

  • Guidelines 

Wix offers a complete guide to its customers to ensure a supportive website-building experience. A newbie who just started this technical task is provided with step-by-step guidelines, and this feature makes Wix very user-friendly.

  • SEO Tools 

Another incredible feature Wix offers is that it has its SEO tool. This SEO tool helps the person who uses Wix to develop his website to optimize his website without any professional SEO skills. This feature provides relevant keywords and expands its services to crafting optimized meta descriptions.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is also considered an efficient and user-friendly website builder that provides a smooth process to create a website. It provides innovative designs and creative templates for its customers to design their websites according to their products.

  • Drag and drop

The drag-and-drop option also makes it easy for the customer to locate their products in the proper place and design a website according to his desire without coding. 

  • Pre-design content blocks

Pre-designed content blocks are also available with Squarespace to assist businessmen in arranging their products on the page according to their desired style. By using this feature, they can create categories and place relevant categories near each other to motivate their customers to purchase other relevant products.

  • Innovative design templates

Squarespace solved the problem of searching for suitable designs and colors with their eye-catching and appealing design templates.

  • Complete guidelines 

Squarespace provides complete help to its users through tutorials, FAQs, and guides. Users who do not have any knowledge about the custom website builder can gain information from these sources and continue their website-building practice.

  • 24/7 chat and email support

Many people start online businesses along with their other businesses or jobs. So they need services outside of casual business hours. Squarespace provides 24/7 customer service through chat and email support. So, their customers who come to this website builder for the first time can ask any questions about any problem they will face.

3. Weebly 

Weebly is a specially designed website builder for small businesses and is simple compared to other tools. It provides very convenient services to its customers.

  • Innovative functions 

The ease of the process does not affect the efficiency of the tool. With its simplicity, Weebly offers other great functionalities. E-commerce sites, mobile responsiveness, and blog integration are exceptional tools that make them more versatile.

  • Mobile Responsiveness 

Due to the increased number of mobile users, Weebly prefers mobile users over desktop users and provides a mobile-responsive service. Because most people prefer to shop for things on their mobile. It helps to design a website that is easier to use and looks appealing on the mobile screen.

  • Community Forums 

Weebly offers help to its customers by giving them community forums. In these forums, Weebly users can interact with other Weebly users and ask a question about their experience. They can also get information about their business.

This feature helps users get better exposure for both Weebly features and their business-relevant development. 

  • Guidelines 

Weebly provides its customers with complete guidelines, online help centers, and video tutorials. Help centers are available to ask any question, and tutorials are complete guides about how to create your website with Weebly.

  • Chat and email support

Along with call support service, Weebly is also providing chat and email support to its customers so that they can ask for help at any time with convenient and one-to-one conversations.

4. WordPress 

WordPress is used widely for building websites due to its flexibility and easy-to-use methods. This can be used to create a website for every type of business, whether it is a small business or a big one. 

WordPress offers its customers various templates and designs making its services unique with various customized plugins. It also offers code customization to implement your ideas on your website. Some distinctive features of WordPress are explained below.

  • Plugins

The main services that make WordPress more useful for its customers are WordPress plugins. The extended add-ons available on WordPress ensure their services without coding struggles and can be helpful for SEO, social media, and even in creating e-commerce stores.

  • Themes 

The availability of unlimited and multiple themes for different types of websites also makes WordPress a favorite platform among online business owners. WordPress offers its customers various themes, from traditional to modern styles. Customers can make their website one of the masterpieces according to their product and customer demands.

  • Elementor 

The drag-and-drop option without coding helps various WordPress users who do not know how to code. Users can drag their desired option to their desired part of the page and polish their website according to their needs.

  • Customization with Coding

WordPress users who are familiar with coding can customize their website by using this tool. They can make their website more attractive by using codes and making it customer-friendly.

5. Shopify  

Just like WordPress, Shopify can also be used for both small and large-scale businesses. But Shopify offers some features that are different from WordPress and are helpful in website development. The features Shopify offers are as follows;

  • Mobile Responsive 

Shopify ensures a mobile-responsive experience for the user who comes for website development. Now when people love to shop online on their mobiles, Shopify provides a website that looks more appealing on mobile and tabs so that customers can search for their desired product and find it easy to have details conveniently on their mobiles. It also ensures the best performance and speed of the website on the mobile screen.

  • A better e-commerce experience 

Unlike other website builders, Shopify offers prime e-commerce website development experience. The features that make Shopify-developed e-commerce sites different and unique from others are given below.

  • Secure Payment System

The best e-commerce sites are those that ensure secure transactions. And Shopify is offering this. Shopify provides its customers with payment safety so that their e-commerce site will be safe enough for transactions.

  • Customization 

An e-commerce site that is created by Shopify can be customized according to customer demand. Website owners can make changes to their websites to increase the efficiency and performance of their websites.

  • Inventory Management   

Spotify fills e-commerce sites with the best inventory management features. To track product and inventory updates, Spotify's e-commerce site gives the best experience to its users.

  • Analysis and reporting

The analytics and reporting system of Shopify reports about sales, traffic on your website, and customer behavior. All this information helps the website owner make important decisions and develop new strategies according to new marketing trends.

All businessmen need cost-effective and easy-to-use website builders to create a website for them that is aligned with the trends and enhances their online appearance. Among a great number of tools, selecting a suitable website builder is a tricky but crucial task. Having complete knowledge about the features and credibility of various website builders will make it easy for you to select the one you require. You can check any of the above-mentioned website builders because they are the most trusted ones among website creators. You can pick the builder whose features are most aligned with your needs and business style. 


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