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Search Bar Optimization

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As of this writing, even in 2023, you've likely never heard about Search Bar Optimization.   But, it may be the easiest, most powerful and quickest way to increase your revenue and reputation.


What is Search Bar Optimization (SBO)?

You may not have thought about it, but every time you do a search on Google,  Bing, or any browsing service, they try to help you by recommending the most likely searches you're apt to make. Their logic, correctly, is that if they give you a fast choice to click on, and it brings you the results you want, then they've helped you.

SBO is about getting Google and Bing to recommend YOU first.   


How does SBO compare to SEO?

With SEO you spend lots of time, effort and money to hopefully have your results turn up at the top of the search results.  Hopefully, users will click on your link, but it can take a long time to show up near the top of the search. With SBO, users are presented with you as a top choice to pick from (even before the search results are displayed).  And, when they pick you, they don't just get your listing - they see a page full of your ads (if you're paying for them), your website, some of your website pages, your social accounts, reviews about you, etc.  In other words searches are overwhelmed with your content - you dominate the search results.  Which you should, since effectively they're just searching for you.


An example of SBO

Let's say you're a struggling young starlet who has just travelled across country and arrives in Hollywood.  She might want to search for agents - because she knows they're just waiting for her (not).