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20+ Best Sites for Finding Remote Work Online in 2024

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Globally, humans have been working remotely for some years. Professionals prefer remote jobs instead of onsite jobs because of the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time across the globe. Remote jobs offer you the liberty to do work without considering time zones or geographical landscapes. The whole world is your office, and you are your boss. After the arrival of the coronavirus, there has been a surge in the rise of remote working.

First of all, let’s understand the concept of remote work.

Remote working means you do not need to walk into a traditional office and work at the designated spot. You can perform your job tasks while sitting at your own space and desk virtually without even passing a smile to your colleague sitting next to you. It means you can perform the same tasks that you were supposed to do while sitting in the office, at your room's desk, or on your laptop.

Surge in Remote Working

It is reported that during the COVID-19 spreading period, companies have dramatically shifted to online working in order to comply with health and safety standards or mainly to keep the boat floating. Employers have implemented the remote working medium to keep the companies on track.

In COVID-19, companies have analyzed that because of implementing online working, they have saved so much capital and resources. They have to spend on office maintenance or operational tasks like power, furniture, and so on. 

Another significant trend that companies have sensed is that the productivity of the employees has increased, and they are delivering tasks in less time than they do while sitting in the office. After that, a number of companies have started encouraging employees to work remotely or creating only online jobs to save their resources or capital.

A number of surveys have been conducted to analyze the surge in remote working, like a Gartner survey of company leaders, which found that 80% of the companies plan to allow employees to work at least some part of the time after the pandemic remotely. Another survey from PWC hints that CEOs found that 78% agree that online work is here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

Before moving forward to the best sites section, let’s discuss some advantages or disadvantages of online work.

Benefits of Remote Working

Remote working has no doubt several benefits for both employees and employers. Here is a list of some benefits of working remotely.

Work-Life Balance

Online jobs enable employees to maintain balance in their work and social lives due to their flexible schedules, enabling them to choose their work timings according to their ease.

No Hassle of Commuting

A number of employees spend a lot of their time commuting to work and back home. Commuting takes an average of two hours of our day, which adds up to our working hours. The hassle of commuting gives stress to the employees and causes health issues for them, such as high cholesterol and elevated blood sugar levels.

Geographical Flexibility in Working

Remote working provides flexibility in geographical locations by allowing you to secure a job in the southeast state of the USA while sitting in the northeast state. Employees can search for jobs outside their residence in metropolitan areas, as geographical locations do not limit remote jobs. Remote working provides a broader range of job opportunities, especially for those in rural areas.


Remote working is an economical way of working as it reduces your costs of gasoline, car maintenance, parking fees, and food supplies. It saves you money.

Working with Comfort

Remote working allows you to work comfortably, whether by sitting on your couch or at a table. You can work with ease while being with your family, which can increase your productivity.

Challenges of Remote Working

There are several benefits of online working, as discussed above, but it also has some drawbacks, which will be mentioned below.

Deteriorating health conditions

Remote working has different health effects on the lives of employees. Some employees remain healthy while working from home, and some have faced health issues. For example, employees may face increasing cholesterol or hypertension issues because of a lack of physical movement. You cannot have to move around the office or land in the restroom while working remotely.

Lack of feedback

In remote working, there are a number of limitations to taking feedback from your colleagues or HR because they are not physically around you. While working in-house, you can get live feedback from your colleagues and managers to improve your workflow or performance at work. So remote working can be a hindrance to your growth.

Delay in Responses

When working remotely, there may be a delay in responses between employee and employer because of the slow internet or the absence of an email or notification asking for a response. The delay in the response can waste your time and have severe consequences for executing time-sensitive projects. You can avoid these situations while in the office.

Less human interaction

Employees may have less human interaction while working remotely. In remote working, employees miss the connections colleagues may have when they work from a shared office. These interactions will help them to build a sense of loyalty and teamwork that motivates the employees to perform better.

Here is a list of the 20+ best sites for finding remote work online in 2024.