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6 Modern Recruitment Trends to Adopt in 2024

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The Use of Technology is increasing with every passing day due to continuous advancements. Like other domains, business is also adopting the usefulness of technology in multiple ways.

Searching for new talents and hiring new employees is a challenge for companies. Selecting the most suitable employee from many resumes is tricky for HR managers.

Different companies use different methods to recruit new members to their company. In the past few years, organizations have used some traditional recruitment methods. But along with the modernization of technology, every company is adopting modern recruitment trends to hire new members for their company.

Traditional Recruitment Methods

Some traditional recruitment methods that are still working successfully in the market are listed below.

Traditional Recruitment Methods
  • Multiple platforms are working as online job boards where candidates come to search for a job. Such online job boards include Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc. Companies can post their jobs with details and job descriptions to recruit new talent.
  • Giving your job ads and brochures at college job fairs is a traditional way to recruit. In college job fairs, you can also conduct immediate interviews to find new talents for your workplace.
  • You can add a website career page to your website. People who come to your website for products can also become interested in the job application.
  • People who are working in your company can also be offered the new position because they know the workflow very well. This way is called internal promotion and is considered one of the most traditional ways.

6 Modern Recruitment Trends to Adopt

Here are enlisted six modern recruitment methods that are in trend.

Targeted Recruiting Ads

Targeted recruiting ads are really helpful for companies to target more relevant audiences that are interested in your product and want to serve your company. These ads are showcased on the pages of similar products.

Targeted recruiting ads worked on the principle of personalized ads. For example, if you are often searching for different books, you will start seeing relevant ads for multiple brands. Targeted recruitment ads also serve this principle.

When someone searches for the product that your company is selling, that means he has a specific interest in that domain. You can offer such people a job opportunity. If they are willing to do a job, they will contact you, and you will get a large number of resumes. You can choose a suitable person from multiple resumes for your office.

You can also increase the visibility of your recruitment ads by using SEO strategies like relevant keywords. You can also add job descriptions and details of the jobs that attract more people to see your ad and apply for the post.

Online Interviews

Online Interviews

Online interviews are on trend in the recruitment process. Due to the availability of online meetings, HR does not need to fix a time for the interviews. This is also beneficial for the long-distance candidates who are selected for the evaluation, as they do not need to travel a long distance for a job that is not even confirmed.

Video interviews are also helpful for the company, as HR managers can conduct more interrogations in a limited time. They can conduct multiple online interviews so that they have more options to select the best candidate for their company.

Artificial Intelligence and Recruitment Trends

Artificial Intelligence is serving in multiple domains and fields like healthcare, business, marketing, etc. Similarly, AI has proven its usefulness in the recruitment procedure. HR managers can use it to select the required skills from a large number of resumes and save time. AI can help you to

  • Reviewing resumes and cover letters
  • Sorting out applications
  • Posting job ads
  • Tracking the applicant recruitment process
  • Make job openings more accessible to people.

But AI in the recruitment process has another aspect. AI cannot overcome humans in any field. AI gives black-and-white results and can miss the important skills that are suitable for the company. Therefore, along with AI assistance, human interaction is also important in the recruitment process. AI and human interaction can help pick the most suitable candidate to face the challenges.



Gamification is a helpful strategy adopted by multiple companies in recruitment, onboarding, promotion, employee engagement, and resolving conflicting issues. But this method has a prominent use in recruitment.

This is a psychological way to monitor if the candidate can adjust to the company culture or not. HR managers can observe the behavior of the candidate through the gamification process.

Marriott is a game that is used by hotel owners to monitor the behavior of candidates applying for the post of hotel manager. In this game, candidates have to solve the multiple problems that they can face in a real-life scenario. The owner can judge his attitude and come to know whether he will be suitable for the hotel management or not.

Online Personality Survey

Most companies ask interviewees to fill out an online personality survey so that they can observe their behavior. HR managers can get an idea of who is suitable for the Company Reputation Management. This online personality survey can help them reduce the interviewee pool and assist the company in selecting the candidate that is best suited for the office environment.

For the success of this survey, the survey form must be well planned, and it is necessary to ask about the relevant traits and skills of the candidates. Interviewees are asked multiple questions, and the HR manager monitors the characters that are necessary for that post.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is one of the prominent emerging trends in the recruitment process. Most of the candidates look at the company's reputation and culture before applying for the job. Therefore, companies are spending their time and money to improve their reputation and attract employees.

For employer branding, companies usually use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and  YouTube, which reflect their company culture. This is one of the best ways to recruit because most of the youth are using social media for the majority of their time.

We can conclude our discussion by saying that modern methods of recruitment are the most adopted and successful in this era. But you cannot forget the importance of traditional methods. Most people are still stuck with the old methods of searching for jobs. If you want a result-oriented recruitment procedure, you should use both traditional and modern recruitment trends.

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