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How the Business Community Screwed the Working Class

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In this competitive world where every businessman wants to succeed, the working class struggles to make their dreams come true. No doubt the business community plays a significant role in the economy of a country, but at the same time, the working class needs to be given more importance and output for their hard work.

Employees working for a company work hard and put in hours for the success of the business. But in return, they stand at the same point as where they started. Their hard work pays off for the business class, and they usually live from hand to mouth. In this blog, we will discuss very clearly how the business class screwed up the working class and how the working class can get fair wages and deserving status.

How the Business Community Screwed the Working Class

Slow Growth in Wages

In previous times, when expenses were included in wages, people succeeded in making savings. In this way, their hard work pays them more than their daily expenses. With time, expenses have increased, but the growth of wages has been slower.

Employees work harder and harder due to increased pressure and Beat The Competitor in Business. But when a company starts to grow, they do not raise the salaries of their employees according to the growth. The working class works hard and finally gets to live from hand to mouth. After a lot of hard work, they stay in their place and reach nowhere.

Slow Growth in Wages

The Expansion of Wage Gaps

In this era, the gap between the wages of executives and the working class is expanding rapidly. Big companies are in a lane of competition with international companies. And to earn more profit, the working class is persuaded to work continuously.

As a result, big companies are getting bigger and expanding. But the working class that makes their success possible gets a little increase in wages. On a profit of millions, a company gets an increase of a few pennies in their salary. This big difference in wages is also a reason why the executive class is having success while the working class is on the bottom line.

Job Insecurity

In previous times, jobs were permanent and secured. Employees were relaxed because they did not have a fear of losing jobs. With the increase in population, the number of skilled people increased. Now, companies hire employees on a contract or temporarily.

When they get a new skilled man at a low price, they fire their old employees to save on expenses. In this sense, the jobs of the working class are not secured. Jobs in the government sector were usually permanent. But now most government and almost all private sector jobs are insecure and temporary.

Benefits Diminish

In the past, jobs provided multiple benefits, including health insurance, medical bills, residency, paid-off pensions, and other bonuses. The working class has the opportunity to save some money from their monthly wages and then make their lifestyle better with time.

But now, jobs have reduced or almost eliminated these benefits. Employees have to pay all expenses from their monthly salary. Due to diminishing these benefits, employees are feeling insecure and stressed. They are struggling to fulfill their rising expenses with little increase in wages. They do not have a chance to save money and change their lifestyle.

Automation replaces human labor

With time, technology is growing faster and replacing human labor. Robots are working in place of humans. Multiple AI tools are available that can write every type of piece of writing, make images or videos, or even develop a custom website.

Automation replaces human labor

These tools need just human command and reduce human efforts. Now a single human can do the work of multiple humans in minutes. This is the fact that robots cannot completely take the place of humans, but their influence in the field has reduced human efforts and left multiple employees with the insecurity of losing their careers.

Because of these innovations in technology, the executive class has bought multiple tools and reduced the human strength in their companies to reduce expenses. Therefore, the working class belonging to various fields is anxious to lose their jobs in the future.

Outsourcing and globalization

Many companies use Outsourcing and globalization to ensure cheap labor and make money. Companies do globalization because, in multiple countries, labor is cheaper than in their own countries. Therefore, they hire employees from overseas and earn more profit.

This is beneficial for both executives and employees. But on the other hand, this is not in the favor of locals because they lost their jobs and opportunities to get jobs.

This is just like if a factory is working in one area and then they shift the factory to another area, the locals will lose their jobs. Just like this, due to globalization, locals cannot get job opportunities in their areas despite having multiple companies. In this way, the business class is leaving their working community without the backbone that they once relied on.

Influence on Politics

Businessmen most of the time have great influence on the political pole. Many politicians are also running their big companies. That is why politicians usually pass policies that are in favor of big companies and do not support the working class.

Influence on Politics

As a result, the working class is left with less protection, and the business community has secured more power. And then they use this power to take more work from the employees and give them little benefits.

How Can the Working Class Do for Fair Wages and a Brighter Future?

Everyone has the right to secure their future and raise their voice for their interests. The business community is making progress on behalf of the working class. If the working class will try to secure their rights, they can make it with a little struggle and unity. Here are a few points that can be helpful for the working class to make their future bright.

Unite and raise your voice

If the working class does not work, how can a business community raise money? This is the point of unity. If the working class unites, joins a union, talks to their colleagues, and raises their voice collectively, Their efforts most likely will work, and their company has to secure their benefits.

Support politicians who support the working class

The working class must point out the political party that is supportive of the working community. Some political parties work for the prosperity and well-being of the middle class. Vote for those parties. In this way, policies that support the working class will be made at the government level and ensure a better future for employees.

Know the worth of your skill

Before starting a job, search for the worth of your job in your area on the internet. Once you know the rate of your skills and your place in the company, you will confidently negotiate for a better salary and benefits.

Embrace the gig economy

If your traditional job market is not offering you success and the expected salary package, you must go with the technology and join the gig economy. But before you jump from the traditional way to the gig economy, you must know all about this latest trend to avoid fraud.

After knowing how the business community screwed the working class, the working community can take proper steps for their well-being. The business class is getting more successful with every passing day, and they are most of the time not sharing their success with the working class.

By creating unity, knowing their worth, prioritizing the gig economy, voting for working community supporters and politicians, and raising their voices, they can ensure a better future and money packages that can support a good lifestyle for them.


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