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What to Look for with Telephone Service

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Our research determines you should be aware of the following items when purchasing telephone services.

Critical: Voice Quality, Reliable Connections, Customer Service.

Features:  Before determining a phone vendor you should determine which features are important to you.   

Least important: Price.  Due to the competitive nature of telephone service, price has become more commoditized. There is some money to save.  However, the critical factors above are considered much more important as there are typically not the much savings to be had.

Technology:  There are two types of services available.  Analog and digital.  The best quality service is found using analog technologies. This is what the U.S. phone companies almost exclusively used during the 20th century. However, due to other factors most all services now offer digital VOIP (Voice over IP).  VOIP services offer far more flexibility, as well as typically less cost.  Analog services are typically only provided by your local phone carrier.  VOIP services are offered by many more companies.


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